Advisory on Certificate of Not the Same Person- Bureau of Immigration

NTSP is a document issued to an individual attesting to the fact that he/she is not the person listed and/or included in the Bureau of Immigration”s HDO, WLO, or BLO. Under visa issuance, visa extension, student desk, ACR I-card Application Form duly accomplished (VCU Form 2) Photocopy of General Application Form, duly accomplished (BI Form [...]

NBI Clearance

Requirements: Photocopy of completed NBI Form (Form available at the Consulate General). Copy of applicant’s passport Procedures for the Issuance of National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance Certificate Secure NBI Fingerprint card (NBI Form No.5) at the Consulate General. Fill out the personal data called for on both sides of the card truthfully and legibly. [...]

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Affidavits Affidavit (General) Affidavit (Support and Consent/Parental Travel Permit) Affidavit (Passport Loss) Affidavit of Legitimation by Subsequent Marriage Affidavit of Delayed Registration of Birth Affidavit/ Acknowledgement of Paternity Affidavit to use Surname of Father  Certification Certificate of Residency and Unemployment NBI Clearance Available at the Consulate General Acknowledgement Support and Guarantee (Visit of Family Relation) [...]

Procedures/ Fees

General Procedures Fill out appropriate Application Form. Prepare two (2) sets of documents including attachments and passport copy. Proceed to Notary Window for processing. Pay appropriate Courier fee. Pay appropriate fee at the Cashier. Transaction completed. Estimated processing time per transaction (7 minutes, excluding time in queue). Wait for delivery of document via Courier. Processing Schedules Affidavits, [...]

Notary تصديق الوثائق

The Consulate General offers the following notary and authentication services: General Affidavit/ Sworn Statement/ Jurat         Requirements: Personal appearance of the applicant. Two (2) copies of completed appropriate forms. Copy of affiant’s (applicant) passport. Affidavit of No Relation         Requirements:  Personal appearance of the affiant (person executing/signing the document).  Two (2) copies of general Affidavit form completed by [...]

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